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5 Results of Training With Bad Runners

Bad equipment equals bad players, this is a pretty simple fact of sports. Training without the proper tools, or even the proper clothes can make a serious dent in your physical wellbeing, as well as your abilities as an athlete. Here are some results of training with bad runners that might show you why you should carefully consider the range next time you’re browsing Mick Simmons Sport and wondering what to buy.

5 Results of Training With Bad Runners

Discomfort Running

If you’re wearing shoes that are shaped wrong for your foot. If you have strange arch support in your feet or if the shoe pinches or twists a little as the trainee runs there could be some real problems. Running while wearing the right shoes makes you feel lighter and more relaxed as you move with very few pinching sensations and minimize the problems of your feet impacting the ground.

Blisters and Chafing

These are the most immediate results of bad runners. If you’re training in runners that aren’t equipped for you, or don’t have the right shape or size you can quite quickly develop sores, chafing, or damage on your feet. While this is a consequence that goes away fairly quickly it’s a quick and easy measurement of whether or not this is wrong for you.

Muscle Damage

This is a serious problem among runners and an even more serious one if you have the wrong shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes puts undue strain on the muscles in your legs, causing damage to the muscles in the foot, as well as the calves due to runners placing their feet wrong when they move. This results in you needing to move your legs further and strain harder as you go. This isn’t something you’ll notice immediately, but as things build up this could be a real problem.

Achilles Tendonitis

This is one of the most serious physical problems that can be developed by runners throughout their careers. When the muscles and tendons aren’t properly supported all the effort gets pushed onto the Achilles tendon, which causes strain and damage onto something that you need to use every day. This causes an abundance of pain as you move and can affect you the entirety of your life.

Bad Habits

Your feet learn to adjust to their circumstances. You learn to run with your heels and calf muscles and you learn to place your feet differently. This means that not only are you risking the above problems while you’re wearing the wrong shoes but even when you get the right ones you could make your problems worse by sheer force of habit. Even if you don’t bad running habits will stop you ever being as fast as you can be.

Training and proficiency begins with the right equipment. The person who has the tools will always have the edge over the person who doesn’t. So do your research, choose what you want and maybe shop around store fronts and the internet to find what you want.

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