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5 Tips to Help you get a Welding Job

Finding a welding job can be difficult, because as is the case with most manufacturing or fabrication skills, the demand for a specific job is dependant on market forces. It is important to always to show initiative when looking for a new job, so here are a few tips on how to secure a welding job.

5 Tips to Help you get a Welding Job

Professional Training

Although professional training can cost both time and money, it is a great starting point to build a stable career. Professional training courses are designed to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for a professional welding job. In Australia, it is often necessary to have a Certificate in Welding as a prerequisite for a work placement. There are many different intuitions that offer training across Australia.

Industry Experience

As is the case with many jobs, industry experience is highly sought after. It is not easy to get industry experience when you are starting out, because most job positions require industry experience as a prerequisite. An effective way to get around this, is to ask companies if they would be willing to show you around their facilities. During this time you can demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the work and if at all possible, ask if you can “have a go” at some tasks. This is a good way of showing off your skills and eagerness to work. If all goes well, then you might even be able to ask about potential work opportunities.


Look for internships that might be offered at your school or company. Internships are a great way to get a foot in the door with a welding company. If you get an internship with a company it can often turn into a full or part time position. Internships also count as experience, which will improve your chances of finding work at other companies in the future.


Learn multiple skills and go out of your way to know as much about everything related to welding. Welding is far more complicated that many people think, and so it is necessary to have a working knowledge about metallurgy, geometry, electricity and physical skill. Remember welding is used in many different fields, from piping and boiler making to art and recreation.

Have the Right Gear

When you are starting at the bottom, it is important to show initiative. Getting the right equipment is a good way to show you are serious about a career in welding. Even if you are starting off as a welder’s assistant, you need to have your own gear. When you are looking around for welding gear, be sure to visit

Finding a job can sometimes be a challenge, so must always show initiative and be willing to make yourself stand our from the crowd. Professional education, experience, well-rounded knowledge and an adequate skill base are great foundations for finding work in the welding industry.

By Grace Patterson

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