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5 Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your beloved pets. Certainly they will forever hold a dear place in your heart. Fortunately there are many beautiful ways to honor your pet’s life. Many of these options allow you to include some of your departed pet’s remains if you choose to do so. These mementos are a positive way to deal with your grief and to share how special your departed pet was with your friends and family.

5 Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Pet


There are many ways to memorialize your pet by creating a piece of jewelry. Choose from gorgeous necklaces, rings and bracelets that you can wear for all occasions. Personalize it with a photo or an engraving. For further customization, some jewelry maker will incorporate your departed pet’s ashes into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that will keep your beloved pet close to you in body and spirit.


A piece of art is another wonderful and creative way to honor your pet’s memory. A portrait of your beloved pet can hang in your favorite room, allowing their spirit to live on in your home. Other decorative items such as paperweights and sun catchers are ideal for memorializing your pet. For those tight on a budget, create your own scrapbook dedicated to the memory of your pet, featuring your favorite photos and other mementos.

Personalized Urn

Urns do not have to be objects of mourning. There are many tasteful ways to personalize a pet urn. Some urns allow you to add a photo and a custom message. Urns come in different shapes, patterns and textures for further personalization options. Many urns are so beautiful they double as pieces of art! There are also portable urns that are ideal for placing a small amount of ashes and displaying on your desk at work. Consider personalizing a basic urn at home and get the whole family involved in choosing photos and other ways to decorate the urn to best capture the memory of your departed pet.

Garden Ornaments

Many pets enjoy spending time outdoors. If your yard was one of your pet’s favorite places, consider getting a memorial stone to place in your garden. These can feature an image of your pet and a personalized inscription. Other garden memorial ideas include markers, benches, weather-resistant figurines and birdbaths.

Charity Donation

One of the most generous ways to honor your pet’s memory is by paying it forward with a donation to a pet charity. Give back for all of the years your pet provided you with unconditional love. Most pet charities desperately need volunteers as well as financial donations. Most charities are happy to provide you with documentation of any donations you make in memory of your pet. Help other wonderful pets find forever homes!

There are many lovely ways to memorialize your pet. From jewelry to artwork to a donation to a pet-related charity, discover the perfect way to remember your loyal friend. Memorials are available at a variety of budget levels and you can create your own at home to save money. Encourage children in the family to create their own memorials to their recently departed pet as it is a healthy and creative way for youngsters to deal with a complex emotion like grief.

Briana Cameron is a blogger and a pet lover all rolled into one. Her love and experience with dogs, cats & other animals helps her to touch on the sensitive topics including pet euthanasia.

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