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After An Accident: Auto Insurance Secrets

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, you are under the assumption that the policy will protect you in the event of an accident. However, you might be very surprised to learn all the loopholes in an average insurance policy that allows the insurer to forgo payments on certain items. These terms, either contained within your policy or your company procedure, could have an impact on your insurance claim.

After An Accident

There are several things that insurance companies forget to tell you when you purchase a policy or make a claim. These include:

Hire An Attorney.

The insurance company does not want you to hire an attorney to see your claim through the process. For those in Florida, Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys make sure that the insurance company makes a good faith effort to honor your claim, and many insurers do not want this to happen. You must remember that the insurance company’s priority is to their bottom line, not necessarily to their clients.

Auto Rental May Not Be Covered.

Some policies will only cover a rental car for a short period, and some will only cover under specific circumstances. Many policies will make it sound like they will cover your rental car needs for the entire period that you are in need.

Car Repairs May Not Be Covered.

Your policy may not cover all of the damage to your car. Some insurance companies will cite that the policy has limits, even though when you purchased the policy you were told that your car would be repaired or replaced in the event of an accident.

Medical Bill Exclusions.

In an effort to reduce their costs, some of your medical bills may not be paid under the policy. While this is not a fair business practice, it does occur. You will need an attorney to ensure that all medical expenses related to the accident are covered.

Discontinuation Of Benefits.

If you miss your medical appointments when you are being treated for an auto accident related injury, the insurance company reserves the right to stop paying your benefits. It is in their opinion that you are not following medical orders because you are no longer in need of the treatment.

Settlement Offers Are Never Full Value.

Insurance companies will not reveal that it is company policy to offer you a very low settlement to close your case. The amount they offer may not be enough to cover medical costs, make up for lost wages, or be enough to cover any future issues from the event. To receive the full value for compensation, you should seek the services of an attorney.

When you have been injured in an auto accident, you should not have to be concerned with the “fine print” in your policy or insurance company procedures. Your main concern is recovering from the event that left you injured. It will always be in your best interest to contact an auto accident attorney before speaking to your insurance agency.

LaGeris Underwood Bell is a freelance writer who has unfortunately been a victim of car accidents caused by others. Her research found that Steinger, Iscoe& Greene are Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys who work with clients to protect them against their insurance company, as well as the insurance company of the other person involved in the accident.

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