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An Inside Look Into A Models Dieting Secrets

An Inside Look Into A Models Dieting Secrets

Diets are more designer than any handbag on the market. Nobody would know more how weight conscience people are than a person that gets paid to try on clothes for a living. That’s right someone actually gets paid to try on clothes before they are shipped to the stores to see if they fit properly. This line of work is called fit modeling. A girl has to maintain the perfect measurements that go with her five foot seven inch frame. This hour glass figure for this profession is 35-26-37.

These models do not starve themselves since their profession is looking healthy with just the right curves. Recently one model was interviewed in the press for how she keeps this figure alive and working for her fit modeling profession. Michelle DiBenedetti, who fit models for various companies globally, was quoted as giving her dieting secrets to maintain the perfect size as snacking early in the day when she got hungry with low calorie snacks. Michelle’s favorite snack is gourmet popcorn. Popcorn is low in calories and high in fiber. There are many snacks that fall under this same category of low in fat and high in flavor.
Snacking is the key to keeping on track with any low calorie diet. Michelle only eats 1500 calories a day, allowing for some low calorie snacks filled with nutritional value full of vitamins and fiber. There are many great snacking items on the market from one hundred calorie measured snack bags to some snacks that fill a person up because of their fiber content. Some great snacking options are whole wheat pretzels, trail mix, apple slices with low fat cheese, graham crackers with peanut butter and fruit with low fat whipped cream.
There are many tricks to snacking. If it is a high calorie snack you enjoy then watch the portion size. Another trick to your treats is look for snacks full of fiber like gourmet popcorn that will keep you full longer so you won’t over eat at your next meal. Also choosing fruits full of water will keep you feeling satisfied so you will not be hungry right away.
So whether you are a model by profession like Michelle or just someone trying to stay on track with your dieting, grab a hand full of your favorite snack and know your ideal weight is possible by keeping track of your calories and satisfying your salty cravings.
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