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The 5 Best Tips For Staying Self-Disciplined In Online Courses

College courses in and of themselves require a lot of discipline. No one wants to pull all-nighters studying to study for midterms, or pass up going out with friends in order to read two chapters of a textbook. At least when you're on-campus, though, you've got professors to consistently remind you of deadlines and hold you accountable. When you're attending a college online, you have to be your own source ...

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Key Factors In Choosing A Binary Options Broker

Binary options have become a common way of investment in the past years, gaining increased popularity together with legal recognition and legalization. Trading is done by trading platforms which are offered by binary options brokers. The broker’s job is to connect between the buyer and the seller and ensure that all account requirements are dealt in a professional manner. The broker is also in charge of var ...

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Review: Sins Of The House Of Borgia, or Recipes For Destruction

Sins of the House of Borgia by Sarah Bower, is a seemingly romantic story with dramatic accents, whose main character is Esther, forced to travel along with her mother from Spain to Italy, because of a period of persecution against Jews, just before the terrible period of the Inquisition. The girl's father, a well-known moneylender, leaves early to Rome to find a home and a job that would allow him to suppo ...

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