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Why Your Smartphone is Like the Apollo 13

If you know your NASA history, you are probably aware of the 1970 mission to land on the moon commanded by James Lovell. Sadly, they never made it. The Apollo 13 lost power. As a result its navigation system was crippled, the cabin lost heat, and the water supplies dwindled. But scientists brainstormed and came up with a solution to provide a little extra power to get the shuttle and its crew back home. You ...

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All You Need to Know About DSL

Are you looking to upgrade your Internet for your office in the near future? Hopefully you’re growing at an unprecedented rate, and it’s time for you to get on the fast Internet train. When you go ahead and finally decide that you need faster Internet, you then must choose which kind of Internet you want. There are many different types of Internet out there, and some are faster (and more expensive) than oth ...

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Common Athletic Knee Injuries

Our knees bear a lot of our weight day in and day out. We rely on them for everything! So it isn’t a surprise that more than 5.5 million people visit an orthopedic surgeon each year for knee problems. If you have a knee injury, it’s important that you know what exactly the problem is, along with the severity, so you and your doctor can make the decision on what’s the best way to treat it. There is a wide ra ...

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The Benefits of Building a Green Home

More and more people are opting for beautiful, custom designed homes over a “cookie cutter” house in a neighborhood with little to no variety. With all the sorts of resources available online, it’s never been easier to find information and inspiration to build the home of your dreams. Many of these newly designed homes are being built with incredible green technology. Technology that can save you money and ...

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5 Ways to Decrease Student Costs in College

Earning a degree in higher education is necessary to fulfill your career objectives and to land a better-paying job. The old adage is true here: it takes money to make money. College is undoubtedly a large expense, although it is one that will truly help you increase your income over the rest of your life. Before you give up on college due to the expenses, consider five ways you can decrease your overall co ...

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Are Annual Checkups Really Necessary?

Due to the high cost of living in California and the lack of availability of health insurance to such a high percentage of the population, you may be wondering if there is any way you can cut costs during your annual health screening by finding alternative blood testing in California.  You may even be wondering if you need a checkup at all, if you feel like nothing is wrong.  Of course, if you eat a healthy ...

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