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Flower Power In Your Living Room

Whoever’s even remotely interested in home design, they’ll most probably always look forward to upgrading their living space, changing it, adapting it to their own and their family’s moods and feelings, and always, no matter what, give their best to make it a cozy, warm atmosphere where their loved ones will be happy to spend their time at. Further, everyone who is into interior design is unapologetically a ...

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How To Create A Perfect Working Environment

A well-organized workspace has a positive influence on mental health and performance, which results in enhanced productivity. This was proved by a study, which was conducted the Identity Realization workplace consultancy in 2010.The study revealed that workers, who were allowed to organize their workspace and put any number of plants and pictures, were as far as 32 % more productive than those that did not ...

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How Can Range Extenders Improve Home Networks?

Lately you have been experiencing issues regarding wireless connection in your household, and you do not have a clue how to enhance the signal everywhere. The problem is, if you are close to the router the signal is perfect, streaming HD video clips, downloads and everything goes smoothly, but If you move just a bit aside you can almost hear dial up sound in your head as the quality and speed of connection ...

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Did King Henry VIII Have CTE?

The book-turned-movie Concussion has shed a great deal of light on CTE, a traumatic brain injury suffered by professional football players. But the life-threatening head trauma is not confined to the NFL – in fact, a new study by Yale revealed that a similar injury may have been the cause of King Henry VIII’s notoriously bad behavior. Scientists Study King Henry’s Medical History Researchers examined histor ...

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Simple and Affordable Ways To Make Birthdays Memorable

Kids’ birthdays are a time where parents’ patience and stamina are mercilessly tested: with dozens of little feet running around, shouts and laughter ricocheting across the party venue and scores of curious eyes always on the lookout for a chance of adventure, a birthday celebration can drain your energy and leave your nerves a broken bundle of pain. Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks that can help yo ...

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Eco-Friendly DIY Ideas For Your Wedding

Weddings are a tradition that has been around for quite a while now. Therefore, why not break the tedium of your typical gateway into marriage and try and opt for connecting the beautiful with that which is useful – why not make your wedding environmentally aware? Eco-friendly weddings are a positive new trend that seems to be picking up pace as of recently. Pay your tribute to our planet, while enjoying mo ...

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