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Port Blair, The Hidden Door To Paradise

The Andaman and Nicobar island group is a "different" part of India – to be exact it is a union territory of India. North Sentinel Island and a major a portion of Andaman Island still have primitive tribes. To bring in your attention, these tribes are amongst the last few tribes on earth. No clothes, only bows, and about no contact with the outside world, this simply explains it all about the tribes of the ...

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Touring Through The Best Spots Near Nainital

Established by P. Barron, a European trader in 1841, Nainital was additionally a favoured summer destination during British Raj. Travellers from everywhere throughout the globe come and appreciate the wonderful sightseeing. Colourful bazaars, the amazing landscape in the lap of Kumaon and the beautiful houses makes Nainital a year round destination. The blissful beauty of the hills mesmerise all the tourist ...

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Explore The 5 Major Places To Visit In Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second biggest city in Rajasthan. It was in the past the seat of a royal kingdom of the same name, otherwise called Marwar. Jodhpur is a prominent holiday destination, including numerous wonderful royal residences, temples and temples, aside from a stark, picturesque desert scene. Jodhpur lies at the heart of Rajasthan making it easily accessible to any other nearby tourist destinations in Ra ...

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Delve Into The Splendour and Razzmatazz Of Dubai

If inquiring about the ideal months to visit Dubai, then bear in mind one thing- there are just two types of weather in this country, hot and super hot! So, climate wise there isn’t any ideal time to visit Dubai, but yes, for that shot of the best shopping experience, this place has its doors open for you throughout the year. Also remember, although the hotel rates slope down to a whopping 70% during the ho ...

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Explore Religion In Kolkata, An Important Facet Of The City

Kolkata, although a very modern and "in your face" city, still continues to be the cultural capital of India as well as one of the most religious cities. From being the former capital of British India to becoming the capital of West Bengal, the city is equipped with every aspect of a typical Indian metropolitan. In pop-culture, there goes a saying that "if Bangalore is Seattle of India, Kolkata is the count ...

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