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3 Time Management Activities You Should Implement In Your Office

Sitting at one place for the whole day and doing same tasks repetitively can make anyone bore to death. People around the world complain about their monotonous and humdrum work schedules. This uninterested behavior of employees makes them apathetic, which results in lessen productivity. To avoid that, a little addition of exciting activities in your office will not just save you some extra time but also bri ...

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Resources That Might Be Of Great Help For Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program was created under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 (CCRAA) to provide heavily indebted individuals a way out of their federal student loan debt burden by working full-time in public service, but one must qualify financially. One must be eligible for an ICR (Income Contingent Repayment) plan during the entire 10-year repayment term to qualif ...

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Keeping Trust In 42$ Billion Cruise Industry

The one thing which many people find hesitating over a cruise tripe or event is the amount of uncertainty attached with cruises. Syntactically speaking, cruise chips are possibly as safe as airplanes or air trips themselves and yet thanks to the iconizing of the Titanic the fear factor has settled in with them which makes a lot of the customers be hesitant about buying a ticket or getting on a cruise ship. ...

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How Universities Should Be Delivering Entrepreneurship Programs

The face of global businesses is changing as we speak. Fresh out of the box professionals hardly get a breather to come to terms with new competitive or operational requirements. They’re faced with many challenges including inadequate experience, dealing with ruthless and highly complex corporate structures, and more importantly, a business education that’s far too theoretical and somewhat out of touch with ...

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New Year Resolution 2015: Efficient Debt Management

It is that time of the year when aim driven people and individuals who set goals for the coming year start noting down or make mental promises to them, simply calling these promises their New Year resolution. These resolutions are made to shape their life in a better way, improving their life in some way or the other. While people are quite dedicated in making these resolutions a reality, many of them fail ...

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