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Awesome Second Business Ideas For Driven People

If you currently run a successful company, it can be tempting to employ staff who know how to do your own job, making it possible to sit back and just watch the money roll in. This can be a little risky because there’s always the chance that they’ll get something wrong, but those who manage to achieve it are usually more than happy with the outcome. Presuming this applies to you, you’re probably feeling a little restless now and so are looking for a new venture, right?

Awesome Second Business Ideas For Driven People

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Well, it’ll never be a good idea to start another substantial firm, but there are some brilliant second business ideas out there for people who’re just looking for some kind of hobby. Don’t get me wrong, some of the suggestions I’m about to mention could see you making significant profits, but most can be done part time, which is why I’ve decided to include them. You might need to do some research before getting involved, but as you’ve got so much time on your hands at the moment, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are some of my ideas…

Investment Broker

Anyone with a background in stock market trading or in the precious metals arena could make substantial profits by setting themselves up as a private investment broker. This will involve using other people’s capital to invest in lucrative markets and taking a small commission from any profits made. If you’re really good, you might well get a review on, which could help to attract many more clients.

Recruitment Consultant

If you’re particularly good at speaking on the telephone, and you’ve also got a background in some kind of sales role, then becoming a recruitment consultant could be perfect. All you really need to do is travel around to local businesses and attempt to get them to hire staff through your small agency (home run, of course). Then, advertise the jobs on social media websites and wait for potential workers to get in touch. On average, a recruitment consultant will charge the businesses around one third extra on top of the workers wage, meaning you could make significant amounts with as little as twenty or thirty people on your books.

Private Business Tutor

Being as you’ve managed to build a company to the stage where you’re free to sit at home and enjoy the profits, you’ve almost certainly got the skills and experience others will want to learn from. This is why setting yourself up as a private business tutor could be a wise move. You could rent an office and hold classes or simply do it on a one to one level through video messaging services like Skype. People will be more than willing to pay a good hourly rate for your opinions and expertise.

Personally, I’d try all three ideas out and see which becomes the most enjoyable. Opting to set yourself up as a private business tutor will probably give you the most flexibility when it comes to working hours, but trying your hand at investment brokerage will almost certainly provide the highest profits, so you just need to work out which is more important to you at the moment.

Above all else, make sure your new endeavour is enjoyable!

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