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5 Secret Tactics Big Businesses Use To Beat Their Competitors

In the business world, companies use many different tactics to try to beat out the competition. When the competition is between a big business and a newcomer to the industry, the fight might not exactly be fair. Here are five tactics that big businesses use to beat their competitors on a regular basis. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Patrick Hoesly1. Lobbying One of the tactics that many big businesses u ...

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Why Promotional Bags Are More Popular Than You Think

Whether you are a non profit organisation, SME, multinational conglomerate or a sole trader there will be one thing you all have in common – the need for brand awareness throughout your individual demographics. Historically you will have achieved this through targeted marketing campaigns to ensure your brand awareness was focused at the correct customer groups. Although this is a tried ...

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5 Careers That Make The World A Better Place

Some people believe that all careers benefit society to some degree, at very least because they contribute financially to society. There are certain careers that indisputably benefit not only society, but that also work to make the world a better place to live in. Many of these careers are largely overlooked because of how common they are, but that does not undermine how very much they improve and maintain ...

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5 Great Humanitarians Of The Last Decade

Muhammad Yunus In 1983, Muhammad Yunus of Chittagong, Bangladesh forever changed the way people view the investment potential of the poor when he founded Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He felt that by teaching the poor financial principals then entrusting them with small loans at low interest-rates, what he calls "microcredit," the investment would empower them to lift themselves out of poverty. Yunus focused ...

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U.S. Employers Cautious About Hiring New Workers

Owing to the mounting uncertainties in the economy, U.S. employers have become cautious in hiring new workers, and are struggling to manage with their existing staff. Expectations are that Europe’s debt crisis is likely to grip the global economy, resulting in sagging consumer confidence. Apparently, U.S. employers are knee-deep in pessimism regarding their economic futures, convinced that consumer demand w ...

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Mobile Wallets Threaten Banking Industry

A recent study has found out that more than half of the consumers who pay for their purchases via smartphones do not prefer such services to be provided by their banks. Instead, they rely more on online payment services and providers such as PayPal Inc., Google Inc. and Apple Inc. Basically, consumer look for services that enable their smartphones to function as payment devices due to their obvious advantag ...

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