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4 Must-Have Apps For All Parents

As a parent, you have a great deal of responsibility. You have to make sure that your kids are healthy. You have to make sure that you're teaching them the right things and that they're growing up to be responsible. Sometimes, it's hard to remember everything or know all the answers, and thankfully, you have apps for your mobile device that can help. From chores to potty training and everything in between, ...

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Unique Ways To Say Sorry

You made a mistake, a huge mistake. And now, there’s no way out but to apologize. A simple apology is not appropriate given the graveness of your mistake. You have to make it more special, you have to make it grand. What do you have to do? Well, you need to level up the kind of your apology. Say sorry in the most unique ways. If you can spend money for it, go ahead. I won’t stop you from doing s ...

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Household Appliances That Are Common Causes Of Residential Fires

People are scared of fires because when such incidents occur, the devastation is often great. Fires can devour everything that a person has worked for his entire life. But sometimes, individuals become lax when it comes to fire safety. Many homeowners, for example, fail to fix or maintain their household appliances. It is important to realize that poor maintenance and incorrect use of common electrical gadg ...

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Remember To Plan For You Outdoor Wedding Properly

An outdoor wedding is always considered romantic. This explains why so many couples will go for this option. Planning for such a wedding is different from a normal indoor wedding. Careful planning is needed in order to make the outdoor event perfect. There are some factors you must know. Prepare For The Weather Image Source: This is the most problemati ...

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Doctors Reported Intoxications of Detergents among Children

Laundry detergent companies have started manufacturing miniature detergent products as a good substitute to big bottles. But recently in USA, kids were observed swallowing these detergents after getting them confused with tiny, colorful candies. Different poison control centers have reported nearly 250 cases. According to doctors, symptoms like nausea and breathing problems have been observed in these deter ...

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Parents Should Break Conventional Upbringing Rules, says Spanish doctor Carlos Gonzales

  Earlier this year, a Spanish pediatrician, Carlos Gonzales, published a book Kiss me! ‘How to Raise Your Children with Love’ (Spanish version was published in 2003). After ten years of writing and publishing his best-selling book, Carlos turned his trends of parenting and rearing to a broader purview. He brought up, in his latest book, issues of how to tackle parenting in new ways; ways that require a few ...

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