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How To Create A 5 Star Dining Experience At Home

Having a dinner party can be a really great night in, but creating a five star dining experience for your guests can often make it all the more special. Whether you are creating a magical experience for two or having a large group of friends over for dinner, adding some five star secrets to the menu can make the evening truly spectacular. Who said you needed to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a five star ...

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat

Children are picky and temperamental, which makes it hard to get them to do just about anything. At a certain age, kids simply start refusing to eat what you put on the table, or they start refusing to eat in general (unless it's candy, of course.) As a parent, you become frustrated enough and you worry about their health that you may let them get away with eating anything, but this isn't healthy for your c ...

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The Best Ways To Experience Ice Cream This Summer

If there's one food that's synonymous with summer, it's ice cream. There's a flavor for everyone no matter what your personal taste. It's the perfect combination of sweet and cold, and it's the stuff great childhood memories are made of. But you don't have to be young to appreciate the wonders of ice cream, it's the perfect treat for any age. And when it comes to summer, there's nothing like a heaping scoop ...

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4 Old School Cocktails For A Retro Party

Hosting a party that harkens back to the days of classic cocktails and that big band sound has become increasingly popular, but the right decorations, music and attire just aren't enough to whisk guests away to a bygone era. The right cocktails are the magical element to a retro party theme. Try these four old school cocktails to give any party that classic feel: cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared ...

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Lindt’s Gold Bunnies under Threat from EU Court of Justice

The famous Swiss Chocolate Manufacturing Company, Lindt & Sprungli has been in the chocolate business for quite a long time and are famous for their gold Easter bunnies. It has been a remarkable 60 years since these gold foiled rabbits are being produced and loved by the consumers. But it is just recently that these have come under a blow from the European Union’s Court of Justice. The European Union ar ...

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Consumption of Dark Chocolate Could Help Battle Heart Diseases

A recently conducted scientific research left thousands of chocoholics extremely delighted and happy to find the several nutritious facts about their favorite eatery. It has been recently found that the daily consumption of chocolates for ten continuous years can reveal marvelous results in reducing the risk of suffering from heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes and other hazards. This came out to ...

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