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How To Ask your Boss For A Raise

I’m sure there are other things out there as nerve-racking and stomach-butterflies-inducing as approaching your boss to ask for a raise. But as anyone out there who has ever done it before knows, it’s hard to think of any at the time. And of course the recession and its accompanying layoffs, cutbacks, and unemployment doesn’t make it any easier to ask for more money, since things are gener ...

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Why Half Of All U.S Millionaires Drive A Used Car

Many people imagine that millionaires drive lavish cars such as Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Bentley and some wealthy individuals do drive these type of autos. However, the overwhelming majority of U.S millionaires are actually more low-key and many drive downright humble cars. Assets Instead Of Liabilities Millionaires know that assets are significantly more valuable than liabilities. An asset ...

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4 Sneaky Accounting Tricks Used By Big Businesses

Can Accountants Be Trusted? Contrary to what most people might think, there are a lot of loopholes in corporate accounting. This is because there are so many sources of funding that corporate accountants must cover. All of this data and all of the statistics that must be calculated from it are extremely complex, therefore, many big businesses take advantage of the fact that others won't know when to questio ...

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3 Dumb Money Mistakes

When people are on a money mission, more often than not their entire focus can be somewhat short of the mark. How many of us are guilty of poring over our choice of cheese in the supermarket, all to make a 40p saving, or of finding that bandit parking place to save ourselves 80p in parking fees whilst we pop to the bank? There are a number of reasons why we all do this, but there is no doubt, most of us do. ...

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Wal-Mart Annual Meeting & 50th Anniversary

  The Wal-Mart annual meeting on Friday in Fayetteville, Arkansas was received with mixed views from the shareholders. The meeting was specifically scheduled to coincide with its 50th anniversary. The event was celebrated with quite an impression. Business and glamor blended together to make the meeting a very unique event. Just like in the past, this time also, the store employees of the giant retailer cam ...

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Court Hands the Victory over to Google

  U.S District Judge William Alsup, Northern District of California decided in favor of Google Inc. on Thursday. The case was regarding copyrights relating to Java language. He dismissed all claims by Oracle Corporation that Google’s android mobile phone platform was infringing the copyrights of Java computer language. Oracle laid charges on Google that the latter’s android platform was breaching the copyri ...

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