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Beijing welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin

BEIJING—Russian President Vladimir Putin met Chinese President on Tuesday in Beijing, in which they aspired fortifying their relations between the two countries and countervailing America’s influence. Analysts stated that due to China’s admiration of Putin for staying in power in Russia for more than 12 years, both countries will discuss their common intentions to sweep America’s interference out of South A ...

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Nigerian Plane Crashes killing 153 passengers onboard

  Director-general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Demuren, stated that the Nigerian Airway service Dana Airline, which crashed in crowded vicinage of Lagos, Nigeria and almost killing 153 people, cited an engine failure before it waned down. In a telephone interview on Monday morning, Demuren explained that the pilot told control tower that the two engines were causing problem. On its ...

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Tangible and Non Tangible Advantages of Blogs for Businesses

It is quite common to find any necessary answers that you seek about a business on a blogging website rather than a search engine. This is because the blogs are opinion and fact based pages where any potential information about any business may be acquired. Businesses now prefer to build up their own blogging pages where they can give out the information of their products to the customers. An added advantag ...

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5 Tips to Blogging Out To Potential Customers

Blogs are a latest trend in the market and creating awareness about any subject such as a restaurant, gadget, campaign, social issue or anything else. In other words, blogs can reach out to a vast audience of all types and get a message across smoothly. The horizons of blogging are slowly expanding and they are now being extensively used to build up businesses and help them with their product launches, prom ...

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