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How To Manage Your Itchy Puppy

It's distressing seeing your young puppy scratching and biting at himself. However, the only way to stop him doing so is to work out what is causing him to itch, and to do something about it. The three most common problems that will make your pup scratchParasitesFleas are such a common cause of itching in dogs of all ages that, even if you don't see any of these little biting insects on your pup, it's impor ...

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YPG Started Training Dogs for Afghan Missions

On June 01, 2012 renowned combat photographer Adam Ferguson visited Yuma Proving Ground, a site where different military tests are held, situated in Arizona U.S, to gather photos for National Geographic Magazine that is expected to come next spring. YPG trains hundreds of dogs, from birth, along with their coaches, for deploying abroad to other countries as well as training hundreds more for several law enf ...

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Moving Abroad With Your Pet?

Thinking of shifting overseas with your dog? The famous lifestyle magazine about dogs K9 explains the increasing demand of dog owners who are contriving to move abroad along with their dogs. The editor of K9 magazine Ryan O’Meara explicates that over past five years, different readers have asked the same question of “What to do?” when moving abroad along with their dog. Moving abroad with your dog is, someh ...

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