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Climbing The Charts: Some Ways To Increase Your YouTube Subscription

YouTube has been regarded as one of the best video-sharing sites today. With 60 hours of video uploaded per minute, 800 unique visitors every month, and 4 billion clips viewed on a daily basis, the figures alone show how powerful this site is. And no wonder, marketers are flocking to the site to get their own share of the market. If you have been doing your own share of video marketing on YouTube, chances a ...

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5 Tips To Create Content For Your Blog Quickly

If you have a blog where you’re giving tips regularly to your readers, you need to come up with new blog post every day. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to write a blog post quickly. If you have strong demand and high traffic blog, not publishing new blog post for even a day will affect your blog traffic. Here are 5 tips to create content for your blog quickly: 1. Prepare quick note to jot down conte ...

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How To Implement SEO To Increase Your Online Business Visibility

Searching for products, services and information online has become part of today's lifestyle. Thus, many businesses have websites to increase their opportunity of being found by prospects. Unfortunately, a website will not guarantee this as the site must comply with search engines' requirements. Advantages of website optimization Optimizing a website for major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, br ...

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Has Acquiring Instagram Made Facebook Stronger?

Facebook’s interesting year This has been a big year for Facebook. The company has seen its developer team and application center grow mightily in size, with several new company acquisitions. With those applications now coming in house, Facebook has gained access to a new consumer base and given its traditional users access to new products. Even though Facebook has grown through buying other companies ...

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The Alarming Rise in Paid-Linking: Is Google Getting Smart at Detecting Unethical SEO Practices?

Using paid links as a strategy to improve website rankings and visibility is not a new topic; in fact, it has generated quite a lot of controversy since a few months. A majority of users – more than 80% - click on the links generated on the first page and do not bother going to the next page of search engine results. Being among the top websites on any search engine’s first page requires that your webpage r ...

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Rise in Black-Hat SEO Techniques: Latest Algorithm Change By Google Upsets Black-Hatters

The rise in internet competition has led to websites ruthlessly competing with each other in order to attain the top positions in terms of website rankings and search results of major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing etc. Over the years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has managed to gain popularity as one of the proven techniques used to improve website rankings. However, these techniques ...

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