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Trophies And Medals For Self-Confidence

There is hardly anything else in life that offers as much joy and satisfaction as Trophies and Medals. For many, they are the ultimate reward for their sacrifice and endeavours, and represent a milestone in their lifetime. These prizes also enhance the elements of pride and glory, especially if they are personalised. This makes them unique and stands out, simply because there are no others like it them in t ...

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Indoor, Outdoor And Clay; It’s Not The Same Court Shoe

The other day when I told my Wife I was going shopping for some new court shoes she asked “Why?  Do you think looking good for the Judge will help?” She was obviously joking, but it made me think a bit about the term “court shoes”.  As a tennis player my mind always pictures a tennis court.  But we all know that several sports require a “court” on which to ...

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Mounted Plaques To Preserve Your Memories

Plaques do not only represent prizes to give to winners or achievers but can also be used to reflect photos and articles. This concept has been in use since the 17th century. Mounting information on a commemorative plaque can increase the sentimental value of the occasion. It is a novel way of including relevant information pertaining to an event or memory without resorting to scrapbooks or notice-boards, n ...

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Rosettes For Decorative Purposes

Rosettes made out of ribbons originated between the 8th and 9th century and many different specimens have been found to this day. During those days, it appears that rosettes were used more as an emblem of sacrifice or decoration, and they portrayed images of the planets and moons along the typical rays of the rosettes themselves. The main material used at that time was bronze, which was the latest invention ...

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Jurgen Kilnsmann has Plans to Improve US Soccer

  Jurgen Klinsmann, United States soccer coach seems quite determined to make a world class American soccer team. He wants the American player to become nastier. More training with nutrition and less vacation time is what they need to improve their game. Klinsmann is a former World Cup and European Champion from Germany. Last week, US got a blow of 4-1 defeat from world champion Brazil. Klinsmann, just a fe ...

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The Thunder Won the Night

  Oklahoma City Thunder closed their Game 3 with a win ending in a series deficit 2-1. Game 4 will be hosted on Saturday night. Dunk of the Night, Kevin Durant said they never considered the opponents had an advantage even when they had lost a few. He said they did not want to go down to 0-3 and it was good they won 2-1. The Spurs had the worst of them during all the season. The game was for the Thunde ...

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