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How Youtube Has Changed The Music Industry

Can you remember a time before YouTube? It was only a few years ago that it was just a burgeoning website that offered a whole new type of service. At first, people really didn't pay attention. But as more videos became viral, the owners and operators knew they had something on their hands. Flash forward to today and popular culture is unimaginable without the thought of YouTube serving as a cornerstone. It ...

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Has Google Drive Been A Success?

Not a new idea Google Drive is Google’s foray into the already crowded “cloud storage” market. Google has wanted to get into different online service markets for a while now, and Google Drive is just one of many new Google products such as Google Plus. Drive is meant to replace Google’s somewhat popular documents application, otherwise known as Google Docs. So why should Google step ...

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New Technology Creates New Divide

By the 20th century, a new term “the digital divide” was signifying what the latest technological trends were. It sent sparks across the younger generations with the urge to get their hands on the latest advancements in computing and other gadgets. This slowly started becoming the center of focus for not just the upper classes in the United States but also the low income groups with limited finances. Althou ...

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Research in Motion Struggles with its Latest Drops in the Market

Although, it has been a while since RIM has tried to move beyond its dropped sales in the past couple of months, it is now inevitable for them to ignore the latest drops. On Tuesday, RIM went on to suggest that it was time for them to take under consideration “strategic business model alternatives” which might just build the interest of investors back in the company. It is however true, that RIM has waited ...

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