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Designing Your Glass Tile Back Splash

The home owners are trying out ingenious methods to make their home beautiful. The latest trend is to install stunning back splashes in the kitchen and bathroom or was ever there are counters visible to the guests. Glass tile backsplash are becoming a craze as they are cheaper option to make the home beautiful and as they will last for long years.  They are easy to install and are resistant to stains and moisture.

Designing Your Glass Tile Back Splash

Counter Tops

If you are planning to design the back splash, then you have to first decide the counter tops needed for your house.

  • It is necessary to consider the counter top before deciding the backsplash.
  • If you have the counter top in your mind then it will be easy to design the back splash accordingly.
  • Choose counter tops which will match with the color scheme of the kitchen or bathroom.

It is always easy to match the countertop with the backsplash as the counter tops are limited in variety and backsplashes offer more variety.

Measurement Of The Area

To design the back splash you need to know the exact measurement of the area available. Usually there will be 16 to 18 inches of gap between the cabinets in the kitchen and counter top where the tiles have to be installed.  It is necessary to install the counter tops in new homes before designing the backsplash, so that the exact measurement of space is obtained.  Of course you can change the height of cabinets if required, but this will change the aesthetic appearance and will make it difficult to reach the cabinet.  Large backsplash are will not look good in a small intimate kitchen. If your kitchen has large open areas and tall ceiling then it requires bigger designs for back splash to make the kitchen attractive.

Position Of Switches And Outlets

These are other important things to consider while designing the backsplash either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Usually the outlets will be placed in the center of the back splash area and it will interfere with the design. Use color plates which will match with the glass tiles used for back splashes to give an even appearance to the back splash. If you are remodeling or building a new house try to keep the outlets below the cabinets so that they are not visible.

Enhance The Glass Tiles With Proper Lighting  

Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of any back splash.  Providing under- cabinet lighting in the back splash area will improve the look and shine of the glass tiles. Though designing the backsplash is an exciting project, you need to consider various important things mentioned here. Even simple designs can be made more appealing by selecting appropriate colored and textured glass tiles available from different online dealers.  The design of the backsplash will give an idea about the personal taste of the home owner.

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