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E-books: The Reader’s Verdict

E-books: The Reader’s VerdictHave you ever considered reading things from a screen rather than a page? Have you ever considered pressing a button rather than flipping a page? Today’s modern technology has introduced us to E-books, otherwise known as digital versions of published books. Whether you like them or not, it is up to you if you prefer reading online or reading a hard copy of a book. With the help of this article, you will get to know its advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of an E-book

• They are cheaper. Your pocket will not have to suffer as much.
• They can be altered to fit your preferences. You no longer have to worry about small texts, large texts or unbearable font styles. You no longer need a night light or flashlight to read in the dark. Once you have a Kindle, an iPad, or any e-book reader you can adjust its brightness and read to your heart’s content.
• Most classics that are converted into digital versions are free. Therefore, you can read without even paying for it. You can even find classics that are already translated to English.
• They are compact. You can have an entire library fit into one gadget. You no longer have to hoard a battalion of books that weighs a ton. Everything you need is in one device.
• They save paper and ink. Trees from all over the world will benefit from this, not to mention our entire ecosystem.
• They are easy to acquire. You can download an e-book online and you no longer have to go downtown or to a local bookstore just to get the new sequel of the Mortal Instruments or John Green’s latest novel.
• You do not have to worry about time zones and having it delivered to your doorstep. You do not have to wait for a package in the mail that takes weeks to arrive because you can have it right away.
• It has online reviews from other people online who have read it. With this, you have a wide idea about what the book is all about before reading it.

The Disadvantages of an E-book

• As it is a digital copy, it has likely experienced illegal distributions. You can catch .ePub and .pdf files being scattered around unpaid in online media sharing sites.
• You often want to buy a physical copy anyway. Once you like the book, you are going to want to add it to your bookshelf at home.
• You often have to recharge your computer or iPad’s batteries from time to time. You might get stuck mid-chapter until you find a socket. And we all know how much the suspense practically kills you.
• Kindles, Nooks and other E-Readers cost a lot.
• Once you lose it, you lose everything. Your means of reading and all the money you spent on both the E-books and the e-reader will go to waste.
• They don’t give the same satisfaction as reading an actual book.
• You cannot read or download an E-book without the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages aside, literature has advanced and integrated with technology. The form is not as important as the content is. Whether it is a book or an E-book, it does not matter anymore. So if you are planning the former or the latter, it is not a bad idea. You can research more about E-books using the Internet. Also, you can ask other E-readers online or you could call a few people via VoIP calls or through chat to ask for their opinions. Furthermore, keep your options open if ever you decide to try it out. Enjoy reading your e-books!

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