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Get Hold Of This Week’s Amazing iPhone Apps

Now behold yourself to get introduced to some of the most amazing Iphone apps of the week. These applications are here to make sure that you get blown away with their usage. Some of the apps have been re launched with an updated version and some are completely new on the block. So wait and determine which one to download this instant –

Get Hold Of This Week’s Amazing iPhone Apps

Latest Iphone Apps of the Week

  • Kilkaklu:
  • Have you always considered treasure hunts as your favorite childhood games. Then it is time again to reclaim that game with Kilkaklu. This time, you will be able to play the game with your friends on a social platform. All you will need to do is snap a number of photos and make them guess where the picture was taken. You can also a number of clues with the aid of the GPS system, if you wish to make the game easy as a pie for your friends.

  • Isometric:
  • There are thousands of drawing applications, but the fact that makes isometric different from other is its geometrical design patterns. You can make optical illusions through the means of this app and create structures images.

  • iTranslate Voice:
  • We all know that translating apps are not so happening and there are thousands of them created every day. However, the voice app changes the boring concept of translating apps. With the app, you will be able to say you’re the words that you wish to translate rather than typing it. The app will immediately response by answering the translated version in your voice, which is quite amazing, don’t you think? It has the ability to translate more than 42 languages.

  • Cloudspotter:
  • Want to be entertained and informed at the same time? Then it is time that you get yourself introduced with Cloudspotter. This is basically an informative app that provides you with knowledge about different types of clouds.

  • Ringtone Maker:
  • These apps help you to reconstruct songs and then cut them into certain lengths to make free iphone ringtones.

  • If you wish to secure your social profile in a more definite way, then it is time that you get in touch with With aid of this app you can manage your photos and set your privacy options in a more secure way, such as giving permission to certain people on the friend list to view particular photos. They will be informed about the update and no one else will be able to view that.

  • Loom:
  • Are you not satisfied with your present photo app, then change it to loom. This app helps you to sync and streamline photos from any sort of device and then flow into a single photo stream. Through the help of Cloud mechanism, you will be able to access the photos from all devices. The photos will compress according to the device platform.

  • Byliner:
  • Are you a bookworm and love to indulge in fiction stories? Then Byliner is definitely the apt app for your iphone. With the app you get to access huge numbers of catalogues about non-fiction and fiction stories. Moreover, you will get a flat subscription every month with this app.


These apps are available in almost web stores. Go through theme and individually and choose the ones that you think are apt for you.

Description: Some latest iphone apps have been recently launched. Get the apps that appeal to you the most.

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