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Halloween Wine Tasting Treats in Virginia

Halloween and harvest time always brings about many different festivals and events. Everyone loves to have a seasonally themed party at this time of year, although they are often geared for the children. Adults who like to celebrate the fall harvest season do not have to fear, there are many different activities going on in the Northern Virginia area that are designed to be fun for the adults.When attending these events, responsible adult behavior is necessary to prevent any unplanned DUI expenses.

Halloween Wine Tasting Treats in Virginia

• Haunted Tastes and Treats at the Potomac Point Winery.

This festival is taking place over the three-day Halloween weekend. You can sample all the wines the winery creates and pair them up with favorite goodies. Reservations are required. While making reservations for the winery, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make travel arrangements too.

Harvest Festival at Hartwood Winery.

Wine tasting, food, events for the kids and the adults. The fair is taking place on the Saturday before Halloween.

Halloween Concert at The Grille at Morrison House.

Enjoy all your favorite Halloween music, food and cocktails on Saturday, October 29th. Be careful on overindulging on rum balls and other alcohol filled foods, or you may end up needing the legal services of The Wilson Law Firm or other local Virginia attorney.

Pumpkin Ale at Dogfish Head.

This famous Pumpkin Ale is only available during fall at the Dogfish Head.

• SuperHeroween at Vermillion.

This nightclub will be sponsoring costume contests for Halloween and specially designed Halloween-themed cocktails during the weekend long party. Remember to wear your favorite super hero costume.

Enjoy The Celebration But Remember To Designate A Driver

During any of these great wine tasting and other alcohol based events, make sure that you designate a driver. The last thing that you want to do is ruin your celebration by being arrested for a DUI. If it is impossible to designate a driver, why not check out the local lodgings near the winery or festival? This is a much better alternative than a car accident or a night in jail.

Many people wrongfully believe that because they are at a wine tasting that they cannot get intoxicated. It is a misconception that these small tasting glasses will not increase your blood alcohol level enough to get drunk. After all, they are just tiny glasses.

An evening at a wine tasting event, however, can actually leave you more intoxicated than you thought. Yes, the glasses are tiny, but when you have twenty of them, they will have more of an impact on your intoxication level than a single large glass of wine. You may not realize how many of these you consume over the evening, and that can be dangerous.

A DUI arrest and possible conviction can have a very negative impact on your life. It will have many expenses associated with the arrest, it can cause you to lose your license, and it may even have an impact on your career. All of these issues can be avoided by not drinking and driving.

Fall festivals have been around since recorded time. It has always been a time to celebrate the good harvest, and it is a time for one last event before the cold of winter sets in. Everyone should find a way to enjoy some type of fall festival, be it a Halloween party, a farmers market festival, or a wine tasting event.

Wife and blogger, Giovanna O’Neal shares helpful tips of how to plan non-traditional ways to spend popular celebrations by wine tasting on a budget.  She discovered through research that The Wilson Law Firm is experienced in handling DUI defense for people who are ticketed or arrested in Virginia.

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