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How Recent Heat Waves Affect Businesses

How Recent Heat Waves Affect Businesses

With the fourth heat wave of the summer in full effect, people everywhere are suffering from the heat. Nationwide over twenty people have died this summer from heat-related causes, so we know the public is highly affected. We turn on the news and hear about how people can protect themselves from the heat, but what about businesses? What can they do to keep employees, manufacturing plants, and their products safe from the heat? Businesses need to look into purchasing dehumidifiers and powerful air conditioning units to keep employees and products cool.

Extreme heat associated with heat waves has the potential to ruin businesses’ products, especially if products need refrigeration. Many businesses change their hours of operation during periods of high heat so they are not working during the hottest points in the day. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities may have crews come in beginning at 5:30 instead of 9 so production can stop earlier, avoiding the unbearable afternoon heat. This is a great, free way for businesses to continue production while making accommodations for their employees.

How to Cool It Down

Make sure that your air conditioners are running effectively. It’s a good idea to bring a serviceman in to check your units so you’re not throwing money out the window. Keep up on the maintenance of your units and adhere to suggested service.
Industrial strength dehumidifiers are available that cut excess humidity that is in the air. Many warehouses and manufacturing plants have poor insulation and lack an air conditioning system that is effective in high heat. Choosing a dehumidifier for your space is a great way to prevent mold and mildew that often occurs as a result of heat and moisture. Protect your products, building, and employees by purchasing one.
Some businesses can’t complain about the high heat because this time of year is when they rake in the most profits. Businesses like water parks, movie theaters, ice cream shops, and air conditioning repairmen love every minute of heat waves and enjoy giving heat relief to their customers. The businesses also enjoy watching profits rise and will take the heat when they get it.
The summer is not over and more heat waves are predicted. This summer may go down as the hottest summer in history. Take the time to ensure that your employees and products remain safe and comfortable so that the heat wave doesn’t affect your bottom line. Putting additional funds out now to avoid problems in the future will be worth the investment in the long run.
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