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How To Order Pet Medicine Online To Save Money and Time

How To Order Pet Medicine Online To Save Money and TimeAs with the vast majority of products available today, items for your pet are much cheaper to purchase online than they are from a bricks and mortar retailer or veterinary practice – and this includes medicinal pet products.

Understandably, many people who have not purchased veterinary products from the internet in the past may be concerned about the authenticity of the items they are purchasing, particularly when it comes to medicinal products. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure you only buy authentic and safe medicines for your pet and you will save a lot of money too.

Consult Your Vet First

Obviously, if you have any concerns over the health of your pet, you should always consult your own vet. It is always wise to get your pet checked out by an expert. Purchasing pet supplies directly from your vet can sometimes prove to be expensive so to save money, once you have consulted your vet, you can always purchase the product online. This includes some prescription-only medicines but you will need a prescription signed by your vet before you can buy prescription products online.

Conduct an Online Search

Entering the name of a particular pet medicine into an online search engine will likely bring up a myriad of options – so just how do you know which websites can be trusted? One of the first things to look for is where the company is based. If their location is overseas it is best to avoid them, as these companies are not subject to the same laws as those in the United Kingdom. UK companies which are officially registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Veterinary Medicines Doctorate are allowed to display a logo on their website confirming their authenticity. Many good websites will also supply contact telephone numbers so you can call to speak to a registered veterinary surgeon or nurse to put your mind at rest. Avoid websites which don’t show a full postal address or official company registration number.

Weigh up the Overall Costs

Just as you would if buying a product on the high street, you should compare the price of products at a number of online retailers. Remember to take into account any post and packing charges too. Often, a website selling a particular product for the cheapest retail price has the most expensive postal charges, so thorough research is needed. Luckily there are many specialist shopping search engines available which do the hard work for you and calculate the best overall price for pet supplies.

Remember, most online shopping purchases are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations which give protection to consumers.

If in Doubt, Consult an Expert

The health and well-being of your pet is of paramount importance so, if at any stage you need to purchase medicines, you should consult a qualified veterinary expert. Buying pet products online can save you money as well as precious time but the safety of your pet should always be your very first consideration.

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