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Installing LED Lighting To Create Atmosphere

With the introduction of LED strip lighting, architectural lighting that used to be installed only in large public buildings is now available for use in domestic settings. This is a new innovation offering great opportunities for creating atmosphere and style at home.

Installing LED Lighting To Create Atmosphere

How to use LED Light Strips

Strip lights can be used in most rooms and waterproof strip lights can be used outdoors. They are bought by the length. In comparing prices, remember that the number of LEDs per metre needs to be taken into account, as well as the brightness, which is measured in lumens.

Strip lights are available in a number of colours, including white. There are also lights that change colour, adding more drama and atmosphere to the interior. Dimmed stripped lights can be used to accentuate the feeling that subdued lighting gives. Consider how to install LED lighting to achieve the look you want.

LED Lights inside the Home

 Most rooms will be enhanced by the use of subtle lighting. LED strip lighting works particularly well in a contemporary house or apartment. The lights echo the clean, uncluttered lines used in modern design.

 In the kitchen, LED strips can be used beneath the cabinets where once there may have been fluorescent light bulbs, as well as across the top. They can also be used on the plinth running beneath the floor standing units.

 In the bathroom, an opulent feeling can be created by used LED strips to light mirrors or the area along the floors. A double shower lit with LED lighting is very luxurious. Choose from a range that is suitable for use in damp, humid conditions.

 Strip lights can be concealed behind deep coving, giving a light glow around the ceiling. This can look particularly effective where the ceiling is a deep colour.

 Strip lights can be used to highlight a picture or other piece of artwork, maybe in an alcove or display cabinet.

 LED strips can be used along the floor to act as a guide. At night, when the main lights are switched off, strip lighting can illuminate the floor sufficiently to enable someone to get about and go to the kitchen or bathroom safely without having to switch on the main light. This attractive lighting can create a sense of tranquillity in the home at night.

 Using LED lights as guides along the floor isn’t all about safety. A tiled hallway with lights along the edges of the floor is very stylish, while a large planter or sculpture displayed somewhere prominent will add to the dramatic look.

Using LED Lights Outdoors

 Outdoor, waterproof LED strip lights can be used along the edge of patios, decking and stairs, where they will increase safety. They can also make a stylish feature when the night falls.

 For special occasions such as parties, you may want to add other LED lighting, maybe draped over trees and hedges, which will complement the strip lighting that is already in place. Wow your guests as they spill out into the garden with these dramatic, eye-catching lights.

LED lights are a recent innovation that can enable homeowners to add to the style of their property. It is important to understand how to install LED lighting in order to achieve the required atmosphere.

There are lots of ways to use LED strip lighting in your home. Use them wisely as part of your interior design to achieve the look that you want.

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