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Keep Your Motorcycle Under Wraps

Keep Your Motorcycle Under Wraps

You’ve just spent a small fortune on that mid-life crisis called a street bike. You get it home and you park it. It needs a cover, so you go down to the basement and pull out that old tarp you used when you painted the living room last year. I guess this is a good idea if you don’t care about or want to protect your investment. You can drive down any road in America and see people who have their motorcycle parked in their driveway either totally uncovered or wrapped up in an old bed sheet. I can appreciate the effort, but there is no substitute for one of the many available motorcycle covers.

A motorcycle cover will protect your paint job from weather conditions and scratches. You can purchase a generic cover that will cover your bike like a tent or you can purchase a cover customized for your particular bike. A custom cover will fit your motorcycle like a glove.

Other Advantages

There are many advantages to using a motorcycle cover. If you park your bike outdoors you’ll most definitely need to protect it. Certain weather conditions are not your paint job’s best friend. And any dust particles that are flying around can be abrasive and cause scratches. Motorcycle covers also protect your bike from the hot sun beating down and fading your paint job.
With a cover on your bike the chances of you having it stolen are dramatically reduced as well. Criminals tend to steal bikes that are not covered because of the easy access to them. A cover is just one more way of protecting your investment. Many covers today can be secured by a cable and padlock for extra safety. Even if you house your motorcycle in a garage, you should still use at least a lightweight cover. Scratches can still happen even indoors. Another benefit of using an indoor cover is that it will help protect against mold.
Before you purchase a cover it’s important to measure your bike so you get the correct fit. If you cover is too loose dust will still get in and if it’s too tight it won’t fit at all. Make sure the cover you are looking into can accommodate a high windshield if your bike has one, and has room for the mirrors. If your bike is stored outside make sure the cover is made from tough, sturdy, weather-proof materials. If you keep your bike indoors, a lightweight, breathable fabric is just fine.
You’ve bought a status symbol when you purchased your motorcycle. Help keep it looking brand new and use a cover when you’re not rolling down the highway. You’ll be glad you did.
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