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Making Tourism More Popular Than Facebook

In the world of big business, there is big and then there is really big. The world of everything Internet has certainly grown exponentially over the last decade, becoming a global business with far-reaching implications for everybody’s future. It will ultimately change the way we do business, shop and even entertain ourselves. The Internet has created a whole new cadre of workers, people who can work remotely from the comfort of their home, or possibly even just go to the office every now and then. More opportunities like this are creating a whole new Internet-based economy, which is raising the standard of living across both industrialized nations and emerging markets.

Making Tourism More Popular Than Facebook

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Have Money, Will Travel

The rising availability of disposable income is allowing people to indulge in new creature comforts and luxuries that were often unavailable before. As a result, many people are buying a few luxury items, or perhaps even a car. Others want to take the opportunity to travel, perhaps seeing faraway lands that they have always dreamed about visiting but did not have the opportunity to until now. This is a huge business globally, especially for many destinations that are considered to be exceptionally unique and fascinating. India is one such place and the government wants to make sure that everybody around the world thinks of India when they make their vacation plans.

Some Good Old-Style Marketing

The Indian government, through its Ministry of Tourism, is constantly engaged in promoting the idea that visiting India would make for a phenomenal vacation destination. They have established 14 offices overseas, strategically located in major markets, where they can engage potential travellers most effectively. To be able to make that possible, they have to employ a wide variety of techniques. These include traditional print media, such as advertisements and major news magazines or periodicals, as well as the latest electronic advertising. But that’s not really enough. Representatives from the regional offices also attend a number of area conventions in each of their target markets, where they can more effectively explain the benefits of visiting India, hand out brochures and discuss in greater detail any questions that attendees might have.

Incredible India

It is quite a catchy slogan, and was used as the basis of a major television advertising campaign, both in North America and in Europe. It met with considerable success, perhaps partly due to the fact that in many ways, India sells itself. All that is necessary is add some of the amazing visuals for which India is rightly famous for, and a successful campaign can easily be executed. Even special road shows, targeted for specific markets, such as Paris, Toronto and Dubai, are often combined with a golf outing, as a way to easily encourage tour operators and other major organizations to consider India, all in a very relaxed setting.

Tourism with Style

There is no better feeling when travelling, than visiting a new destination and exploring untold wonders, while still having complete peace of mind. One truly easy way to do this is to carry in one’s wallet the best credit card in India, which provides both security and access to funds should an emergency arise. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

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