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Purchase official spares for all your home appliances

If you have gone to the trouble of purchasing top of the range appliances for your home, after a while you may need to replace some parts as they wear out. Good appliances last for a very long time but suffer from some natural wear and tear, which can be easily rectified with the right spare parts.

Only use official spares

If you find you need to replace some parts on your top quality appliances the last thing you want to do is use a replacement part which is of a lesser quality than the original. Paying a little more for a premium product will ensure you do not damage your appliance and you will get many more years out of the item.

Hoovers are appliances which get a lot of use and abuse and as a result you will eventually need to replace some well used parts. One of the most popular hoovers on the market is the Henry Hoover by Numatic and you should only ever use official Henry Hoover spares with your Henry Hoover.

Use a reputable dealer

Purchase your Numatic spares for Henry from a reputable supplier. Buy Spares is one such supplier which offer an extensive range of Numatic spares at great prices. They will promise to price match and if you are in a hurry to get Henry back in use many of their spares can be ordered next day delivery.
The Henry is an iconic brand, instantly recognisable all over the world and its reputation as a quality cleaner makes it popular for domestic and industrial use alike. If your Henry breaks down, don’t give up on him immediately and go and replace him. You might find you can fix him up with the right spare parts.

Replacing broken parts

If the Henry Hoover has broken down, see if you can identify the parts which are not working and check with Buy Spares if it is possible to purchase a replacement part. If you can replace it, chances are you will find it on their website as they stock over one and half million products.

If you need to ask questions about your part, advice on fitting, or if they can provide just contact the friendly customer service department. There is also an appliance advice centre where you will find tips on the most common Henry Hoover fixes. There are also a number of videos to help you see exactly what you should be doing. You can get help with diagnosing faults, advice on how to fix them and essential care and maintenance tips for Henry.

The great thing about Henry Hoovers is that the design is very simple and diagnosing faults is usually quite straightforward. If Henry just won’t start, common issues can be the on/off switch, the hi/lo switch or the motor carbon brushes. There are Henry Hoover spares for all of these faults; there is no need to purchase a new hoover just because the switch has stopped working. You can also find all the necessary accessories for the Henry Hoover from vacuum bags and filters to new hose attachments.


Charlene Tilton writes regularly on domestic appliances for a range of retail websites and blogs including suppliers of Henry Hoover spares.

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