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Rafting 101

Rafting 101

When planning a vacation to do a little West Virginia Rafting there are a few things you should know. Safety, of course is the number one factor when a family or individual sits down to ponder a trip to West Virginia for a rafting experience. It’s important to understand that any adventure type of activity holds some risk. But, river rafting is actually pretty safe. Statistics show that over 200,000 people enjoy rafting every year without incident. Modern safety equipment and the availability of river guides and extensive training lend to the safety factor of rafting. And it’s good to know that most excursion companies require a safety training course and require a professional guide to be present in the raft while you are on your way down the river. Experience isn’t needed to go on a river rafting excursion although there are certain rivers that only a veteran rafter may venture down. So be aware of the location you are planning on traveling down.

Fun for Everyone

People of every physical condition and age can raft. There are some rafting excursion companies that offer special trips for those who do have physical challenges so that they can experience the rush too. All you have to do is make known your physical concerns when you speak with an excursion specialist. They are knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction.
Rafting is a great way for families to experience something exciting together. As long as your children are at least 6 years of age, they can enjoy the trip with you. And they will always carry the memory of one of the most exciting things they will ever do with them. Your entire rafting party will be outfitted with life jackets so knowing how to swim isn’t a necessity, but I do encourage it. You never know when you might fall in! Your life jacket will hold you up should that happen though.
Most of the fun comes from getting sprayed with water as you speed down the rapids. So, simply put, you will get wet. But, don’t worry. You won’t be uncomfortable. Make sure you wear clothing that will wick away the wet so you can enjoy your trip without feeling icky. Just make sure you dress for the season you are making your trip. It’s cooler in the spring and fall and obviously warmer in the summer months. Being comfortable is a sure fire way to guarantee you’ll love your trip!
If you are concerned that the beautiful rafting rivers of West Virginia are too far away, fear not. All rivers are located only 500 miles or less from half of the USA’s population! West Virginia has three clusters of rafting rivers located all over the state so find the cluster that’s closest to you, hop in the car, and head on out.
For those in your party that don’t really want to try a rafting experience there is plenty to do. There’s golf, horseback riding, shopping, museums, restaurants, and theaters. So, even if everyone doesn’t want to feel the thrill, they surely won’t be bored or disappointed!
So, there you have it. The basics to get you started on planning your West Virginia Rafting vacation. Make sure to visit some of the many informative websites for more suggestions and tips. Enjoy your trip!
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