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RIM Loses Patent Infringement Case

RIM is being sued by Mformation Technologies. The company is held liable for nearly $150 million worth of damages. A jury in San Francisco announced the verdict earlier this month. The trial was held for several weeks and one full week was spent on deliberation.
Mformation Technologies accused RIM of infringing the invention of managing tasks over wireless handsets. According to the New Jersey-based company, the software allows corporate firms to easily access the smartphones of their employees. Such access would allow companies to update their employees’ mobile software and make critical data changes with ease.
RIM representatives made no comment the following day after the verdict was announced. RIM, a Waterloo-based company that started the smartphone craze with its BlackBerry devices several years ago, is now facing plunging sales…

The San Francisco jury finalized a ruling that would entail RIM to pay around $8 for each of the 18+ million BlackBerry handsets that connect to BlackBerry’s Enterprise server, from the day the lawsuit was filed. According to several reports, RIM is due to pay nearly $150 million.
Mformation Technologies currently employs several hundred workers and went on saying that the core server used by RIM over the years was theirs. RIM is denying the claims made by Mformation Technologies…
The BlackBerry maker is suffering from poor financial results as its sales and share price plummeted to all-time lows. Month by month RIM’s market shares are depleting. This could be attributed to other handset makers who are taking the world by storm. Google Android and Apple handsets are in high demand, and this is mostly due to their ability to deliver innovative features not seen anywhere else.
The market share of BlackBerry in North America is taking a nose dive. In 4 years, RIM’s shares dropped to over 40%. This was the time when Apple unleashed its first touch screen based iPhone. This year, the company’s market share dropped further to 4%. Based on recent research and analysis, RIM could lose more…
RIM was expected to make a major rebound with its upcoming BlackBerry 10. The revamped platform was said to be released later this year, but at the very last minute, RIM decided it’s best to delay the release to early next year. RIM executives said that the product is still in the works. RIM developers are working hard to develop the highly touted BlackBerry 10 platform so their devices can compete with Android and iOS devices.
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