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Getting The Most Out Of Your Car and What To Check For

Having car problems is one of the worst feeling is in the world. If you’re not an expert, it can be even more frustrating not knowing what is wrong or what to do. However, with a little knowledge you can learn to see the warning signs of trouble coming and do your best to keep your beloved car on the road. Driving with Love The simplest, easiest thing that you can do is to drive carefully. There is rarely a ...

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F1 Race Car Designer Develops Car that Goes 100MPH in 96 MPG

  Bloomberg Markets Magazine, reports a McLaren F1 race car developer Gordon Murray, who was successful in designing a car that goes 100 mph with 96 mpg. The idea of this reinvention, according to Murray, took nativity in a traffic jam. In 1993, while driving to work in London, Murray hit a traffic jam. He vowed that day, after hearing gas-guzzling sedans and trucks, to design a car that would be efficient, ...

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