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The Essential Moving Checklist

Do you believe the maxim:  if you fail to plan you plan to fail? If yes, lucky you! You’re a great deal closer to having a stress-free move. Planning is a simple, effective, and sometimes time-consuming task but it’s worth it! To help move you we have put together a moving checklist of the things many people don’t consider when they are moving. You could say this is an “out of the box” list, and by no means exhaustive. You may want to print this and post it where you’ll see it daily.

The Essential Moving Checklist

  1. Do an internet search to see if your move date coincides with community events near your new home. You never know what unexpected events could hamper your easy move (think: marathon).
  2. Let your current and new neighbors know your move date and hours so they can plan any of their own events accordingly (think: anniversary party).
  3. Check your Home Insurance Policy to ensure you have coverage for moving day.
  4. If your move is sponsored by your company, understand details of your moving agreement.
  5. Plan ahead for extra storage space.
  6. Contact your utility company and let them know you’re moving.
  7. File a change of address with the post office.
  8. File a change of address with the companies you use for home services.
  9. Update your address with your bank, work, associations and other affiliates.
  10. Arrange for time off work before and after your move so that you preserve your sanity.
  11. Order new furniture for your home so that it arrives on moving day.
  12. Book a service to clean your old home and your new home.
  13. Hire a pet sitter or plan to take your dog to a kennel for moving day.
  14. Hire a babysitter if you have young children or take the kids to Grandma’s for moving day.
  15. Defrost your freezer in advance.
  16. Scour for dinner coupons to order take-in or go out to eat for the few days during your move.
  17. Build a tool-kit of must-haves for moving day. Include a marker, Allen key, screwdriver, knife, tape, candles, light bulbs, a rag, and first aid supplies.
  18. Plan to have your valuables under lock and key in a safe place.
  19. Call a locksmith to change the locks at your new home the day you move in.

Furthermore, if you have the budget, consider hiring movers to ease and speed up the transition. You can search for movers in specific cities like Boston movers and San Francisco movers. If you do opt to hire movers, help them out by organizing your stuff into separate categories, label boxes and provide them detailed instructions as to where you want everything to go in your new home. Happy moving.

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