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The Most Common Skin Problems In Dogs and Their Causes

First of all, you should know that there are over 160 different skin problems a dog can get; so many that we couldn’t possibly talk about them all here. It only takes common sense to know that if you think your dog has a serious skin problem, you should take him to the vets! That being said, we’re going to discuss the most common skin problems in dogs in this article, and the things that cause them. Read on for an insight into your dogs health:

Curable and Incurable Skin Problems

Skin problems in dogs are either curable or incurable. This is why vets may need to take their time and see your dog over a period of weeks, because a skin cell takes 4 weeks to mature and renew. This will tell the vet whether your dog has a curable skin problem, or an incurable skin problem that will simply have to be controlled with medication, shampoo, spray, and their diet.

The Most Common Skin Problems In Dogs and Their Causes

You may think that you’ve figure out what’s wrong with your dog, however; it’ll always be something much more complex than just ‘itchy skin’ or an ‘allergic reaction’. The vet will need to work out exactly what is causing these problems in your dog to know how to effectively treat them.

Common curable problems in dogs include; alopecia, malassezia, ringworm, and seborrhea. Although these skin problems in dogs are chronic, they can be cured providing your willing to support them financially.

Causes of these Curable Problems are:

  • Alopecia – mange, mites, infection, trauma, endocrine system abnormalities, and more.
  • Malassezia – yeast skin infection and lots of oil produced on the skin.
  • Ringworm – microsporum canis and spores in soil.
  • Seborrhea – excess sebum, hormonal imbalances, parasites, infections, and obesity.

Incurable skin disorders are very unfortunate for dogs and can be very frustrating for them. These include; hormonal imbalances like Cushing’s disease, chronic dermatitis, a food allergy, and hypothyroidism. Although these diseases are not curable, once treatment is received you should notice a marked improvement in their health and manner.

Causes of these Incurable Skin Problems are:

  • Cushing’s disease – when the bodies tissues are exposed to cortisol for a long time.
  • Chronic dermatitis – allergens absorbed through the skin.
  • Hypothyroidism – underactive thyroid glands.

How You Should Handle Your Dog’s Skin Problem

You owe it to your dog to get him a proper diagnosis, so make sure if repeat visits to the vet are needed you push them to diagnose your dog. Once your dog is diagnosed you can get them proper treatment and control the problem so they can have a much better quality of life.

When you bought a dog you would have been aware of all of the responsibilities that came with it, so you should have been prepared for any kind of skin problem, curable or incurable. You should be willing to invest financially in your dog’s recovery and care for them no matter what. A dog is for life!

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