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Top 5 Worst Addictions To Have

Addictions cause devastation to thousands of lives every year. Affecting the unstable person as well as their loved ones, they take a horrifying toll on life with such side effects as lying, stealing, incarceration, and even death.

While group therapy, rehab clinics, and holistic remedies often give succesful assistance with quitting, some will remain addicted for years. They’ll have to hit a terrifying rock bottom to seek change. From cocaine to cigarettes, to a shocking addiction of love, here are a few of the worst addictions one could have.

1. The Scary Truths of Alcohol

Top 5 Worst Addictions To Have
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Since alcohol is a legal substance, alcoholism is an especially prevalent addiction. Many alcoholics will stay in denial their entire lives. Although genetics play a significant role in who will become addicted, alcohol dependency can be an issue for anyone. Often used to self-medicate during times of depression, it’s a vice that’ll quickly turn into a scary addiction.

People who suffer from alcohol dependence will often think they can stop drinking at any point. Alcoholism is a life addiction that requires a strong willingness to change. Recovery means that one has stayed sober for a specified length of time. Most alcoholics will never be able to pick up a drink again.

2. The Upsetting Reality of Cigarettes

Smoking is the most difficult drug to quit. In fact, almost 35 million people make a serious effort to quit every year. Most relapse in just a couple of weeks too. Nasty side effects like yellow teeth and nails can be easily fixed once the habit is let go. However, life-threatening side effects such as lung cancer usually cannot be cured. With OTC medications, gum, nicotine patches, and motivation, users can quit.

3. The Frightening Facts of Cocaine

Top 5 Worst Addictions To Have
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Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. It gives users a euphoric sense of happiness, confidence, and increased energy. A high-priced and often glamorized drug, it has extremely negative effects on the heart, brain, and emotions.

Cocaine can be life threatening over time, and sometimes after the very first use. Upon quitting, addicted users will experience withdrawal symptoms for a couple of weeks. Even though it’s highly addictive, cocaine is one of the easier drugs to permanently quit. With monitored therapy, or holistic addiction treatment, users can escape the dangerous habit.

4. The Sad Consequences of Love

Above all else, love can be the toughest addiction to quit. It’s no joking matter. Many people hold on to abusive relationships for decades in the name of love. Even worse, some heartbroken folks will commit suicide after a tragic breakup. People will change their entire lives for their lover, even if it means destructive behavior. Abuse victims believe that they simply cannot live without their partner or spouse. While love can be an amazing emotion, it can also be catastrophic for many.

5. The Downward Spiral of Heroin

Top 5 Worst Addictions To Have
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Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs and certainly one of the most destructive. People can become addicted in only three days after the first use. Since it’s often injected, there’s also a high risk of infection, AIDS, and lethal injections.

Heroin withdrawal includes diarrhea, restlessness, shivering, and intense cravings. Most users won’t ever let themselves completely come down from it since it’s such a painful withdrawal. A life-threatening addiction, it can be successfully treated with medical care and therapy.

Addictions destroy lives. Medical intervention such as traditional rehab clinics, and holistic treatments are almost always necessary for recovery. Most importantly, the person has to be willing to change and needs a support system to make sure that change happens.

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