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Upgrade Your Kitchen With The Latest Trends from Silestone

It is often said that a kitchen reflects the personality of the owner. It is a place where the journey of your food begins and ends. If you are planning to give an all new look to your kitchen this year and redefine its guise altogether, Cosentino’s Silestone can be the ultimate pick!

The segments of a kitchen have resilience, easy maintenance and durability as the most fundamental requisites and silestone excels in all of these. Silestone is a compound made of natural quartz which makes it remarkably hard and resilient. It possesses unique bacteriostatic formula with the use of latest generation silver ions. This technology involves interaction with the cell components, prohibiting the reproduction mechanisms of bacteria.  Since silestone quartz worktops are the only worktops available with antibacterial protection, they have great ease of maintenance. You can keep your kitchen tidy without much hassle. It can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water.  Hence, it is a perfect choice for countertops and cabinet surfaces.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With The Latest Trends from Silestone

Silestone Eco Coral Clay Quartz Worktop

Silestone is extremely non- porous, making it substantially resistant to spills and stains. It is natural to have substances spilt on the countertop while working in the kitchen. It can hardly be avoided seeing how accidents happen in the kitchen. This very characteristic makes it suitable for being a backsplash material. It also has a high impact resistance guaranteeing safety while handling hard objects.

Silestone offers a certified warranty, in writing, which is transferable over 25 years.

Silestone is available in varying textures, colours and designs. These descriptions will enhance the way that you would possibly have envisioned SILESTONE:


It is an incredible textured surface that offers an exclusively soft touch and distinguishable aesthetic efficacy. It possesses a luxurious matte finish and requires absolutely no extra touch- ups to enhance its quality and performance. Its total colour consistency makes it apt for countertops and tiling.

Silestone Gris Expo Suede worktops


 It is a quartz surface texture from silestone that is both rustic as well as soft. It is an attractive material which is easily maintainable. It is perfectly suitable for wall panels and countertops.

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