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Texting and Driving: A Dangerous Decision

In 41 states and the District of Columbia, texting while driving is banned for all drivers, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Neither does the fact that distracted driving killed3,331 people in 2011. Of course, distracted driving covers a wide variety of behaviors, but when you consider that between660,000 and800,000 people are driving and using their phones simultaneously at any given time during ...

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“Black Friday” Savings and Defective Products

Every year, after the turkey and desserts are devoured, dishes washed, and family heads back home, many bargain shoppers go to bed early and set their alarms for the early morning hours, to make sure they don’t sleep through the best deals of “Black Friday”.  Some shoppers are hardcore, planning their holiday gift giving on the deals they score, while others hit the stores in hopes of finding a deal on the ...

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4 Surprising Habits That Will Affect Your Baby’s Future Behavior

Despite what people always say, it doesn’t always take a village to raise a child. Your actions alone have a huge impact on your baby. It doesn’t matter what you try to preach to your child, he will always pay attention to your actions more than your words. Children – even babies – are like sponges. They spend their formative years imitating you, which includes picking up your subtle habits and mannerisms, ...

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