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Causes Of Toenail Fungus In Athletes and How To Get Rid Of Them

A strong will and determination make athletes excel in their respective careers, but unfortunately, varied types of dermatosis can hold them back. Unexpected sports conditions combined with harsh environment give birth to bacteria and fungi, which results in various bacterial and fungal skin infections. Toenail fungus is also a kind of fungal skin infection, which, affects either the toenail or fingernail. ...

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Herpes Skin Symptoms

Visible symptoms include sores (blistering) in the mouth or on the genitals, itching and pain during urination. As a part of diagnosis, these symptoms along with some culture tests are used to confirm the infection. Reference:Herpes Herpes Skin Infection In Contact Sports ...

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Are You Aware Of These Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Health Concerns

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a well known combat sport which enhances the Defense system of a person on grappling and ground fighting. Many people are getting fascinated by this sport as it can prove to be very helpful while facing tough situations any time, anywhere. It makes you feel confident in dangerous situations and enables you to tackle with any jeopardy all by yourself. Though it has appealed to many, th ...

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