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Car Insurance at The Hartford AARP

Owning a car is a very good thing. The comfort you get by being able to ferry yourself from one place to another as you please is amazing. Every young person looks forward to the day he or she will get their first car with so much zeal. Cars in many ways reflect a person’s status in the society and many people will make a judgment of the kind of person you are by just looking at the kind of car you drive. C ...

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Sales Prices of Automobiles increases in U.S

General Motors (GM) has put up an 11 percent ascend in prices in its May 2012 sales. They rose to nearly 245,256 units while controlling higher prices. The retail sale for GM rose to 4 percent while that of fleet vehicles rose to 3 percent. According to website, the average transaction of auto manufacturer rose to $33,140 per vehicle. This price increase happened to be the second largest increas ...

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F1 Race Car Designer Develops Car that Goes 100MPH in 96 MPG

  Bloomberg Markets Magazine, reports a McLaren F1 race car developer Gordon Murray, who was successful in designing a car that goes 100 mph with 96 mpg. The idea of this reinvention, according to Murray, took nativity in a traffic jam. In 1993, while driving to work in London, Murray hit a traffic jam. He vowed that day, after hearing gas-guzzling sedans and trucks, to design a car that would be efficient, ...

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Lexus Recollects 2013 GS 350 F Sport for High Steering Threat

  Fearing a dangerous steering problem, Toyota has recollected 660 of its remodeled Lexus GS 350 models. The steering problem could occur while leaving a parking lot as told by the automaker. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was informed of this flaw as it could have caused a great deal of danger to the lives involved. Toyota informed that this problem was spotted during an in house test ...

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