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5 Great Humanitarians Of The Last Decade

Muhammad Yunus In 1983, Muhammad Yunus of Chittagong, Bangladesh forever changed the way people view the investment potential of the poor when he founded Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He felt that by teaching the poor financial principals then entrusting them with small loans at low interest-rates, what he calls "microcredit," the investment would empower them to lift themselves out of poverty. Yunus focused ...

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Banks Take Advantage Of Students With Campus Deals

The financial institutions have for long been on the lookout for educational institutions like college campuses to be a ground of establishment. However, over the recent years, this has become quite a matter of issue for the banks as they have experienced much trouble with the regulation bodies. These officials have banned the banks from bestowing gifts upon the students that sign up for the credit cards. E ...

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California Cuts Cause Threats to Universities

[caption id="attachment_763" align="aligncenter" width="395" caption="Image from New York Times"][/caption] The Californian universities leave millions of students worried about their future as class sizes have increased along with the tuition fee. The number of courses being offered in the summer session has also drastically dropped which worry the students about finishing their education on time. The scho ...

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