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DIY Paving Repair Tips

Are you one of those people who lately have a little more time than usual? Decided—or maybe asked to clean up around your house, the more “handy man” kind of duties? Well it happens to the best of us, where at some point we realize we should probably do something about our house, more specifically our driveways. I can tell you that a driveway can make all the difference in how a house looks like, getting rid of the old worn out look and replacing it with a new and fresh renovation to the front of your home.

Before I recommend a couple things, I would like to say that sometimes if you have not done anything to your driveway in many years, you may need professional help for it. You can easily call a local place and see if it is in your budget – hop onto your search engine and type in the city or town you live in and paving, see what comes up and make some calls. I did that, got and than went from there. They told me I do not need to re due my full drive way, just fill in some cracks – and that is what they did. Local is easy, best recommendation I can give you.
Here are a couple tips that may help you out:

  1. Do not neglect your driveway!
  2. Small cracks will turn to wholes!
  3. Analyze your biggest issue, and then go from there.
  4. Use your local home improvement, hardware store to see what products they have to offer. A twenty dollar sealer may be a better idea than getting completely paved both for your wallet and your driveway.
  5. If damage gets really bad, consider getting stone or adding grass if it is possible. This may sound funny to a lot of people, but grass may be better and easier to maintain than a driveway. People will notice their grass dying but will not notice their pavement falling apart.
  6. Oil spills need to be rinsed! Give your driveway a shower, oil spills and gasoline spills can be more damaging than you think.
  7. Clean up litter around
  8. If the weather is extremely hot – and the sun is shining, having your super heavy truck on your driveway may not be the best idea. It does not always cause damage, but it can and at that point it is an irreversible pothole or something along those lines.
  9. Salt on your driveway can be good at small levels during the winter months when it comes to ice – use at your own discretion.

If you just bought the house, then maybe the best idea is to have professional help once and than from there do it your way, damage can lead to leaks into your home, into your garage and more. As well it can get worse, creating holes in your driveway, ruining your car and making it unsafe.
Written by Amanda Green – Mother of two, professional project managerr and a DIY Home Improvement Enthusiast. Blogging on a variety of topics from outdoor renovations to kitchen granite countertop remodeling.

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