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Is It Proper Etiquette to Split the Cost of Prom with Your Date?

As your prom night grows closer, there are often many questions that start to arise. You’ve already searched through all places available and chosen your perfect prom dress. Then now you’re wondering what you’re going to pay for and what’s acceptable? Well, we’re in the 21st century now, so it’s pretty equal on both parts of the prom date, whether you’re a girl or a guy, it’s both of your responsibility. However, it’s interesting to see the official information out there. We’re all about learning from our history and making the future a better place.

It’s important to note that, in today’s society it’s totally fine for anyone to pay for prom. Sometimes people don’t have dates so have to pay for their own and more times than not, it’s split equally or given to the person with the most finical stability. We shouldn’t always assume that the guy has more money within his family so can pay for the prom.

The History

In the 20th century, it was extremely difficult for young teenage girls to get jobs, even part-time ones. If they were in school, they typically just went to school and did their homework. It was the younger guys who got themselves smaller jobs when studying. For many families of a young girl, they struggled to pay for the cost of prom since they weren’t earning as much money, thus meaning the guy would pay.

Traditionally, the guy would do practically everything. Organizing and paying for the tickets, transport, dinner, and pictures with the girl simply paying for her dress and his boutonniere.

The Modern View

Currently, there are two main ways of looking at the etiquette of paying for prom. Some say that the person who does the asking should pay for the tickets and then the couple will then split the cost of everything else (but pay for their own outfits and accessories). However, the other view is that the price and value of everything for prom should be split between both parties equally. Considering the number of prom dresses 2019, you don’t want the financial burden on one singular person.

Saying this, you can always save money in certain areas too. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you initially think. Prom dresses can be upwards of $1,000 just on their own, and then there is paying for everything else too. Try to lower your average cost by doing something a little different. If you want to save money on your dress, JJ’s House is a great, affordable brand that sells everything from ball gowns to short midi dresses. This brand and many others are essential if you want to save some money. That way, no matter who pays for prom, it won’t be super expensive.

The bottom line is, it all depends on the situation. Most middle-class American families will be able to pay for at least half a prom, and then the date can pay for the other half which means everything is catered for, but it’s not always just as simple as that. It’s still helpful to remember that not everything needs to be paid for by your date and you can definitely afford to pay for some things yourself.

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