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Business Courses–Benefits Of Their Acceptance Worldwide

With the changing work environment, business courses are becoming a prerequisite for all kinds of managerial positions. Even the professionals involved in more of running around tasks eventually rely on business courses to excel and pursue their career growth. Unlike a few decades back, business courses have now evolved to be more technical and practical rather than focusing on mere theory. A comprehensive ...

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U.S. Employers Cautious About Hiring New Workers

Owing to the mounting uncertainties in the economy, U.S. employers have become cautious in hiring new workers, and are struggling to manage with their existing staff. Expectations are that Europe’s debt crisis is likely to grip the global economy, resulting in sagging consumer confidence. Apparently, U.S. employers are knee-deep in pessimism regarding their economic futures, convinced that consumer demand w ...

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Mobile Wallets Threaten Banking Industry

A recent study has found out that more than half of the consumers who pay for their purchases via smartphones do not prefer such services to be provided by their banks. Instead, they rely more on online payment services and providers such as PayPal Inc., Google Inc. and Apple Inc. Basically, consumer look for services that enable their smartphones to function as payment devices due to their obvious advantag ...

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