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Kickbacks When Buying Cars Online: The Legal Implications

Deciding to buy a car online? Think very, very carefully. There are many fraudulent sellers out there. Make sure to be at your best composure and not be very jittery when talking about your future car. Remember, it is a product of your well-deserved money, and you can’t just let it slip away in a snap. While buying cars online will save you energy of going to the store and looking at prospective cars to buy ...

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Sales Prices of Automobiles increases in U.S

General Motors (GM) has put up an 11 percent ascend in prices in its May 2012 sales. They rose to nearly 245,256 units while controlling higher prices. The retail sale for GM rose to 4 percent while that of fleet vehicles rose to 3 percent. According to website, the average transaction of auto manufacturer rose to $33,140 per vehicle. This price increase happened to be the second largest increas ...

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