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4 Surprising Habits That Will Affect Your Baby’s Future Behavior

Despite what people always say, it doesn’t always take a village to raise a child. Your actions alone have a huge impact on your baby. It doesn’t matter what you try to preach to your child, he will always pay attention to your actions more than your words. Children – even babies – are like sponges. They spend their formative years imitating you, which includes picking up your subtle habits and mannerisms, ...

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Parents Should Break Conventional Upbringing Rules, says Spanish doctor Carlos Gonzales

  Earlier this year, a Spanish pediatrician, Carlos Gonzales, published a book Kiss me! ‘How to Raise Your Children with Love’ (Spanish version was published in 2003). After ten years of writing and publishing his best-selling book, Carlos turned his trends of parenting and rearing to a broader purview. He brought up, in his latest book, issues of how to tackle parenting in new ways; ways that require a few ...

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