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What To Know For Your Child’s Vision Screening or Eye Exam

Good eye health is important at any age, but the earlier any eye problems are detected in children, the better. Before your child’s first eye exam or vision screening, here are some things you should know and how to prepare for it. How Old Should Your Child Be For an Exam? [caption id="attachment_15795" align="alignright" width="244"] Child's Vision - Courtesy of Shutterstock[/caption] Already at the age of ...

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Top 10 Tips for Camping with Kids

If you're considering making the bold move into the realm of kiddie camping this summer then more power to you. This is an amazing rite-of-passage that needs to be undertaken by parents at least once to discover just what adventure holidays are all about. Before you check out the top 10 tips below make sure that you're fully aware of a couple of things before you depart – a. you know how to put up the tent ...

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Doctors Reported Intoxications of Detergents among Children

Laundry detergent companies have started manufacturing miniature detergent products as a good substitute to big bottles. But recently in USA, kids were observed swallowing these detergents after getting them confused with tiny, colorful candies. Different poison control centers have reported nearly 250 cases. According to doctors, symptoms like nausea and breathing problems have been observed in these deter ...

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