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Why Is It Important To Renovate Your Storefront

[caption id="attachment_15573" align="alignright" width="270"][/caption] Anyone in retail business knows the value of a clean, unusual and attractive storefront. The exterior should make it clear what you’re selling and offering to your customers. Storefront can tell the story of your business to people on the street. It can either invite people in or scare them off. What are the secret ...

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Never Argue with Your Customers

There's an age-old cliché that the customer is always right. It's always considered as the number one rule in sales and marketing. The number two rule points out that if the customer is wrong, remember rule number one at all times. When Telsa's CEO Elon Musk rebutted the consumer report of New York Times reporter John Broder, his intention was to put down the data that John presented regarding their product ...

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