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5 Things To Know When Going Through A Nasty Divorce

A divorce is usually a troubling period in the lives of people that go through it. With so many emotions running rampant, it can be difficult to remember the small details of divorce proceedings. There may be times when you think you'll never make it out of the divorce process with your sanity intact, but you can do it if you remember to keep these five things in mind. You Have Rights It's easy to forget th ...

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The Top 5 Things Every Divorcee Should Know Before Requesting Alimony

Spousal support, or alimony, is an important tool that allows a dependent spouse to maintain financial independence after divorce. Spousal support reform is a constant work in progress, making the rules and processes difficult for many divorcees to follow. The good news is that you can gain an advantage through careful research and realistic expectations. This quick pre-divorce checklist will help you get s ...

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