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Making A Historic Home Green: Increasing The Environmental Friendliness Of Older Homes

While most modern homes are designed to be generally friendly towards the environment - older homes, on the other hand, often need some tuning up in order to be considered a green home. Older homes often have a classic look and feel to them which gives them their personality and therefore a lot of added value, something you do not want to tarnish or change in any way. Thankfully, with today’s technology it ...

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Be Kind to Your Budget and the Environment

Your business can make a positive impact on the environment once you adopt green practices. Going green can help reduce waste and result in a cleaner and safer environment. It can also help bring down your company’s spending so you might as well adopt practices that can help reduce waste and energy. The best part is: you won’t be alone. Here are some big companies that have already taken the initiative to g ...

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